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maandag 5 mei 2008

Louis Theress guitar / Thibouville Lamy guitars

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This guitar has been provided with a rosewood back
and sides. Both back and sides are not veneered as
was common in the first half of the nineteenth
century. Bindings, also on the back, are executed
in ivory.

A closer look to the body shows us a high end fine grained
top and carefully executed bindings around this soundboard.

Most likely still the original bridge.

The LaCote style head and slot execution.

Also the neck to head joint betrays skilled
workmanship as this ornament has been
veneered with a layer of ebony afterwards.

The execution of the heel is pointing towards the London
dealer / luthier Louis Theress, a pupil of Gerard who had
 a workshop both in London and Paris.

The lining can be studied by clicking on this picture.

Jerome Thibouville Lamy

Frontview of this small bodied guitar that was
probably manufactured around 1870.
The flowermotif was quite popular at that time
in the collection of this factory that produced fairly
large quantities of all kinds of instruments.

Here's a description about this builder and the connection with
the Mirecourt based famous luthier Aubry-Maire:
Aubry fils is the son of Aubry-Maire, the famous guitar maker of Mirecourt.
He worked in his father’s workshop, then for Jérome-Thibouville-Lamy,
and signed « Aubry Fils ».
He died in 1890, at age 57.
Jérome-Thibouville-Lamy was the most prominent manufacturer of
musical instruments in France.
It was founded around 1730, in la Couture-Boussey,
with the manufacture of wind instruments,
then moved to Mirecourt around 1760 and general
numerous workshop consecrated to violins, guitars,
mandolins, and musical accessories.
The company would experience an immense commercial success
and opened branches in Paris, then London.
It would produce thousands of instruments of quality
that it would export to the entire world.

The famous and very durable EON tuners were fitted on
this instrument. Sides and back were made of Brazilian
rosewood. The neck of this particular instrument has been
lacquered black as was original. Quality of workmanship
proves to be good.

Jerome Thibouville Lamy Guitar II

This is a somewhat later Jerome Thibouville Lamy guitar
probably made around 1890 - 1900 though even in
the 1902 catalogues of this firm this model was present.
On Len Verret's site "Early romantic guitars" a
similar model can be seen but without its label.
As it is known that Aubry fils was working for
JTL this guitar can be dated but only if there
are marks in pencil by Aubry fils. I still  have to
investigate. Spruce soundboard. Solid sides but
the back has the softer spruce inner side veneered
with Brazillian rosewood on the outside.
Ebony fingerboard with the original (!) hardly
worn fretwork but a laquered neck and head as
was usual on these instruments.

Even the back is in very good condition and it
is remarkable that there are no cracks in back and front.
The sides tend to have some minor spots but on the
inside the sides are reinforced.

This is the well known flower design that was popular
for a long time. We can see this on an Aubry fils
signed guitar as well as in the 1902 catalogue of JTL.

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