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woensdag 2 juli 2008

Rod Capper "Celaje" guitar 2000 / Augustin Claudot guitar (1810 - 1820)

In Auckland New Sealand the birth of this guitar
took place. It has been built in 2000 by Rod Capper.
He gave it the name "Celaje"  which means "Painting
of the sunrise" very poetic indeed. It is in now good
condition and has a warm and friendly tone.

The back and sides of this guitar have been executed
with Indian rosewood. Rod Capper is known to use
native woods as the climate in New Zealand allows 
it to grow useable hardwoods there. The bridge has 
been made out of a native wood called Jarra. Maybe 
not visible on this picture the back is showing some
deep carvings on this furthermore very nice looking
instrument. Together with the relaquering of the back 
the frets will be dressed and the fingerboard will be
flattened out if needed.

The headstock that likely is provided with Schaller tuners 
to my believe. They do their job very well. This guitar will
also be equipped with an ivory topnut as string spacing
in fact is a bit of a personal one and I like  slightly more
"room" between the first string and the outer end in order
to be able to make a proper pull off execution.

The rosette is quite intriguing as it is very refined.
Though the combination with the darker cedar would
ask for another color setting to my opinion it remains
a remarkable one. My taste for Rosettes is personal
of course.

Under his label he placed another smaller label where
one can find his signature. On the bigger label one can
find the year and month of production: May 2000.
The number is 5 so it probably was the fifth guitar
in that year. In an E-mail states Mr. Capper this to
be a concert instrument and it has those qualities.

By clicking on this picture you are able to study the 
bottom of the bridge slot which is surprisingly V
shaped. According to Rod this is to increase the
contact area and thus boosting the energy transport
of the strings to the body.

I think it will not be very surprising but to bring a guitar
back in an immediately playable condition and have the
lacquer brought back in a like new condition asks for
some hours investigating. But the guitar is worth all
that additional work. Of course a good set of strings
will be the final move on this instrument that normally
finds itself in the 5000 Euro's price range.

Augustin Claudot

This french early romantic guitar has been built
by Augustin Claudot who was a member of the
well known Claudot Family of violin makers at
Mirecourt. Though affected by wood insects this 
particular instrument still has a wonderful sound.

This picture clearly shows us the soundboard before
restauration. In fact I was forced to make some radical 
decisions regarding reparation. It all worked out very 
well! As you will understand: Not my daily guitar.

The back of this Augustin Claudot guitar has been
done with maple as are the sides of this instrument.
This whole instrument has been treated with
Gamma rays in order to kill eventually existing
insects. It should last now for the future.

As on his violins Augustin Claudot allways stamped
or branded his instruments. His violins are said to be made
with nice woods and great craftsmanship. This guitar
is not a one of a kind as the guitar museum in Mire-
court holds an exactly the same looking instrument!

A detailed shot of the bridge that clearly shows
that there are no bones used. The neck angle has to be
perfect in order to be able to play comfortably.
It still does!

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